Are these the Worst Video Games of 2018?

So earlier today I gave you my top five games for this year so now let us take a quick look at the worst. Three of these games we really looked forward to playing and they just fell short and one made me so mad I could not even talk about how I  wasted 30 bucks! So here you go...

Number 5

Oh man, this was a hard one I was so excited to play this old-school platformer. Sadly it fell short for me it was not the worst thing I played but one that was a disappointment. This 3D platformer was a bit lacking in challenge and variety. I do hope Super Lucky's Tale continues into the future as the world of video games is lacking in a new mascot.

Number 4

What is it that has gamers going insane over Fortnite? I will admit the Thanos season was fun but that was it for me. Between the media, overhype, and youtuber's this lame game has become this year's big deal. And those poor parents with kids that have fallen into addiction playing this game, man! I have heard some really scary stories, for example, one of my buddies kids got so upset after losing he punched a hole in the wall. And if that was not bad enough when he was allowed to have the joystick back after a week he lost again this time throwing his remote through his tv. Crazy!! This game was not for me.

Number 3

While we are at it lets talk about how boring and sad Playerunkown's Battlegrounds was. And its to bad because I had high hopes for this one, I'm not going to give up on it yet, but it is so boring I can not stick with it. At this point, Fortnite is a little better and a lot more fun to play.

Number 2

Oh, Hellow Neighbor we still can not thank you enough for ruining our Halloween. See this became available on Xbox Game Pass the week of the great holiday so we waited for Halloween night to kick back as a family to play this over-hyped train wreck. Neighbor is a stealth game with frustrating AI, horrible controls, and game-breaking bugs. We spent a few hours yelling at the screen but never accomplishing anything a good idea gone bad.

Oh man, here we go... the one game that pissed me off in so many ways...

The marking gang deserves a medal for this one! With the promise of updated gameplay, better mechanics (Last years game was good so I could not wait for this) and to play as Baseballs legends! Life was going to be good for this baseball fan and let me tell you I saved up my money to make this a first day buy and I don't do that so the burn was extra harsh this time around. This is simply not a very good baseball game and the higher price point of 30 dollars makes a sad year for RBI. The improved graphics don't do enough to save this from another sub-standard effort. This one crushed me! I know I will think twice for the 2019 season and for now will continue to play 2017 at least that one was fun in a small way.

So there you go the games that sucked the soul out of me this year. I know a game or two had to make you upset so let me know in the comments. And don't spew hate that I did not like Fortnite it's just not for everyone.


  1. I can't get into the Battle Royale type games myself. There's too much of a learning curve for me to only be able to last for 5-10 minutes and then have to wait for another game to start only to do the same thing again.


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