Creepmas Dinner

Well, kids, the time has come Creepmas has drawn to a close time to prep for tonights Creepmas Dinner. You know Uncle Bobby is here to save the day with some truly creepy dinner recipes just for you kids. And as always Merry Creepmas!

First up this wonderful little bell-shaped salad. Followed by a wonderful Tuna Tree.

Time for the main course:

Take your pick from this wonderful-looking Bologna in Jello to this Monterey Souffle Salad because nothing is better than Fish, Gelatin and Citrus for Creepmas. But seriously would somebody please make me this cute Meatloaf Igloo? 

Of course, there is nothing like a good dessert to end a wonderful holiday meal how about...

Hmm well, a banana candle sounds like fun until you learn the "white" goo slowing dripping down its long shaft is actually Mayonnaise 🤢 like who thought that pineapple, banana, cherry, and mayo would taste good? And I'm sure back in the early 1800s this was a mans way of sexting!! Anyway, kids thanks for stopping by for dinner. I sure hope you enjoyed Creepmas this year although this is not quite the end for me I have a few movies to review yet. And don't forget to check out the others spreading Creepmas Cheer over at


  1. Everything is suitably creepy at your Creepmas Dinner, except that cute little meatloaf igloo -- I want one too!

  2. You certainly found some awful looking recipes.

    1. I'm so glad I missed out on the Jello craze! So gross.

    2. I know - I have never been fond of jello .


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