Mudbound Hurts But it was Worth it

2017 | Color | 2 Hour 14 Min | Drama | R | Armory Films

Director: Dee Rees

Virgil Williams (screenplay by)
Dee Rees (screenplay by)

Carey Mulligan
Garrett Hedlund
Jason Clarke

Two men return home from World War II to work on a farm in rural Mississippi, where they struggle to deal with racism and adjusting to life after the war.

With all the Oscar buzz and Golden Globe talk, I had no clue what this was but when it won the Robert Altman award at the Independent Spirit Awards  I took notice. And when I saw it was on Netflix it was something I was going to dig into. I love period pieces and have always said I grew up in the wrong era well this movie proves me wrong.

The movie opens with two brothers looking to bury their dead father when a black family role's up for some reason, you can feel the tension early on. And it is at this point that I almost gave up on the movie as we switch to a flashback mode that at first is really hard to focus on. We are introduced to a few families as they go off in there own ways. But I stuck with it and man does Mudbound take you on a ride to hell and back!

Mudbound evokes so many emotions from stress to confusion, love to hate, fear and being overwhelmed. At times this movie did what it set out to do get us talking but for me, it also pissed me off that our ancestors where such A-holes!  The movie deals with struggles, war, and of course racism. And boy does the racism hurt. I went through so much emotion watching their stories unfold in front of me. It was a roller coaster ride that I can say I'm glad I went on and I can not say it enough you should take the ride too. 

With an overpowering story, we are also treated to a beautifully shot look into the farm life in the south during the 40's. I felt dirty and muddy my self thanks to amazing work from DP Rachel Morrison who is coming hot off of Black Panther. Although Dee Rees is not a household name just yet she will be soon. Her work on this movie is breathtaking and flawless.  The cast as well works so well and let me tell you I have no problem hating Jonathan Banks as Pappy right up till the credits his character made my skin crawl. Jason Mitchell also deserves more credit for his role and the same goes for Carey Mulligan who ripped at my heartstrings for two painful hours.  And none of the negatively I write is negative they did what they were asked to do and wow they hit the right notes. I understand the buzz was for Mary J. Blige she was good but so was the rest of this cast.

I grew up on clean gunmen of the westerns on tv to wanting to live in Mayberry when times seemed simple and laid back. Sure I understand what slavery was and at a young age was taught how to respect all people that God has put on this planet even if they did not look like me but Mudbound has made me feel dirty for feeling that way. When my Nanna would say "No you really did not want to grow up back then" I think I get it now. Watch this movie it is very strong and will have you thinking, don't let the first 10 minutes keep you away. We may have come a long way but we still have a ways to go.


  1. I couldn't finish watching Mudbound because I cared about the vulnerable characters and did not want them to get hurt. It broke my heart. I am reading 1920's newspapers and the lynchings are horrible. I think I do not want to live back then because there wasn't any justice for the disenfranchised members of our society. Rape was never mentioned as a crime in the paper neither was child abuse. Domestic violence only mentioned after the entire family had been murdered. And the lynching always assumed the African American was guilty without any due process. It just turns my stomach.


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