Outer Space Blogathon Coming Soon

Ok, it has been a long time coming but I think this blog is back up and running. It will still take a few days to dust off the creative mind but I took the first step today joining a fun Blogathon called Outerspace on Flim Hosted by Moon in Gemini click here to see everybody that has joined and what films they will cover. For me kicking it old school with 1983 not so classic and not so 3D Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone staring Peter Straus and Molly Ringwald.

The Plot is simple - Three women make an emergency landing on a planet plagued with a fatal disease but are captured by dictator Overdog. Adventurer Wolff goes there to rescue them and meets Niki, the only Earthling left from a medical expedition. Combining their talents, they try to rescue the women.

Now I don't want to promise but it is a 3-day event so I just might sneak another flick in for your enjoyment I can not do a blog hop without doing a bad b movie so I will also try to do Galaxy Of the of the Dinosaurs.

Looking forward to jumping back into things!


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