The greatest scandal in polka history.

The Polka King
2018 | Color | 1 Hr 35 Min | Biography, Drama | TV14 | Netflix
Maya Forbes
Wallace Wolodarsky
Maya Forbes
Wallace Wolodarsky

Jack Black
Jenny Slate
Jason Schwartzman

Local Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewan develops a plan to get rich that shocks his fans and lands him in jail.

“The Polka King” debuted at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and tells the story of Lewan, a native of Poland who gained a large following as a polka musician. He was later sent to prison for defrauding about 400 people out of millions of dollars in what prosecutors termed a Ponzi scheme. While incarcerated, Lewan survived an attack in which a cellmate slit his throat.

“It’s like 90 percent true,” Jan Lewan said, “and a little bit of it is Hollywood of course.” Personally I have never heard of Lewan but after Jack Black's performance, I feel the need to look into his life a little bit more.

Jack Black was amazing playful and warm all at the same time really drawing you into his charter to the point that I could not believe this was based on a true story. Man, I would have to give this hard-working man my money too. And I know want to listen to polka music now! Black even worked on his accent with Jan himself as a voice coach. Jack deserved to be remembered this award season I wonder if the fact this went to Netflix hurt his chances. 

The look and feel of the movie transfer you nicely to Rhode Island, Florida, and Rome seamlessly. Of course, the music really drives the story and for me was the reason I clicked to watch in the first place. But what a crazy story to go along with this tale, it is per magic that you just can not believe train wreck happing right in front of your eyes. 

This has to be one of the craziest flicks in a long time that has me intrigued into reading more about Jan Lewan's life and even check out some of his music. Jack Black is mesmerizing along with Lewan's wife that was played by Jenny Slate they simply knocked it out of the park and where great together. Everything about The Polka King hits all the right notes. I do not say this much but this is one of those movies that you need to watch!

4 out of 5 Squeeze Boxes!


  1. Everybody polka! I'll put this down on the "to see" list. My Rare One is a big Jack Black fan ever since she saw him a couple of weeks ago in "Jumanji."

  2. I was thinking of watching this the other night but chose something else. Thanks for your review - I will check it out.

  3. If you ladies happen to watch it let me know if you liked it or hated it.

  4. On your recommendation I watched it yesterday. I enjoyed it. There's also a documentary about him on Netflix called The Man who would be polka king. Think I'll watch it today.


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