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So the other day my brother stopped by and I had on the MLB Channel talking about the Hall Of Fame ballot. It got us talking about a few of our favorite players and how we would go to the ceremony if they were voted in. I have been thinking about my favorite White Sox players of all time. A few years ago this would have been pretty easy but right now not so much.

Number Five

For so many reason's Chet Lemon will always be on the top of the list. He was the first All-Star I remember for the White Sox he was also the first Home Run I saw in person when I was very young. In fact, it was a doubleheader against the Kanas City Royal's my dad and I were on a bus trip with the rotary club. Then there was this one time I made a one-handed catch in a little league and the coach yelled from the dugout "we do not make Chet Lemon catches!" Made me laugh but I get it use two hands!

Number Four

Any 11-year old growing up in the '80s as a Sox fan you know you had to be a Carlton Fisk fan. Man the day he came to the south side was a big deal, he was the answer to our prayers of winning the world series. Sadly, Fisk, one of the greatest players behind the dish would never get his ring.

Number Three

Haaaaarold, Haaaaaarold! Man Harold Baines was the face of the franchise the first true team captain. He was the nicest guy in the world. Went the to game when they retired his number and the first game I took my wife to was his comeback game in 1996. She never has let me live that game down, It was opening day and it was like 40 degrees out. We sat in the shade while our buddy ate ice cream. It was also one of the first games I had to leave early. What could I do she was cold.

Number Two

Ok so this is where the back and forth comes in, Paul Konerko is by far the greatest White Sox player ever! I could go off on a world wind of words but I will reframe. I could go back and forth with my #1 and #2 pick all day. One of the greatest moments for me was being at game two of the 2005 World Series and watching him blast a Grand Slam. I do not think I have ever felt the stadium shake like that almost like it could fall down and any moment. It was amazing people high fiving strangers hugging me wife jumping for joy it was amazing. A moment in time that I hope never fads as I get older. If for some odd reason he makes it to the Hall Of Fame it will be the day we road trip it just to say we were there. The man is amazing.  But my number one is also amazing...

Number One

"Alexy...yes, yes, yes, yes, yes" the call from Hawk Harelson started with a phone call earlier that day from my dad and all he said was "Turn on the Sox game Buehrle is making history" that day still gives me the chills. Outside of the World Series win and the save in that same series Mark Buehrle was pitching on the White Sox, not the Yankee's or the Giants where he would be a household name superstar.

Buehrle pitched a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers on April 18, 2007, surrendering just one walk to Sammy Sosa who was then picked off at first base. Two seasons later, Buehrle pitched the eighteenth perfect game in baseball history against the Tampa Bay Rays on July 23, 2009.

He is the debate in my family will he make the Hall Of Fame? Of course, Sox fans will tell you yes. If he gets the call I will be there for sure. He has always been my favorite Sox to this day. I have seen him pitch more than any player that I have seen. Every time he took the mound I watched the game on the tube every chance I could. I cried when they traded him but I understood and never carried a grudge. I wonder with the new White Sox team that they are building now will crack my top five but these guys are near and dear to my heart. 

Man, is it baseball season yet?

One of the reason's Buehrle's was a golden glove winner.

The Catch

Oh, how I still get tears!

Letterman top ten


  1. Now, Bob, if you had been talking about the Hockey Hall of Fame, I'm sure I would recognize every name you would mention! But baseball, not so much. In fact, I don't know any of these players. What can I say? But good luck to them on being inducted soon!

    1. Well with the Blackhawks not doing so well Hockey has been hard to watch this year.


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