MTV's Remote Control NES style

Do you remember way back in 1990 in the heyday of the NES and the shift in programming over at MTV well did you know you could play the only game show that started in a basement right on your NES! Just answer the absurd questions about Rock 'n' Roll and Junk Trivia and win lots of points. Senseless? You bet! Fun? Always! You'll be the envy of your friends, and best of all, you don't have to be smart to win!

Featuring Hundreds of challenging questions in absurd, thematic, tasteless and humorous categories. Crazy interruptions such as "Off the Air," "Home Shopping Zone," and "Ranger Bob," just like the real show. The fast and furious End Game Round that can change losers into winners. Single or group gameplay options.

So with all the retro gaming making a comeback, I ask the gods of Nintendo to consider remaking a classic game show. Man the hours I put into this game and the hours my wife (then girlfriend) sat and played laughing our butt's off and having a good time.

Sure it's NES graphics and sound but it was the early 90's and they worked! The questions may have looped back around after a few playthroughs and that is why this fun game needs a reboot! When the new gen's this game could be even better now. Justs fest your eyes on the glory below.

I feel like they got the look and feel right!

The questions were always fun and sometimes silly.

It's all there in 8-bit glory. Man, now I want to uncover my NES and pop this bad boy back in. So how many of you remember this TV show? Have you played the game? 

Sadly we lost Ken Ober way to soon he died at his home in Santa Monica on November 15, 2009, at the age of 52. According to friends, Ober had been feeling ill and was complaining of headaches, chronic chest pain, and flu-like symptoms the previous afternoon.


  1. I used to watch Remote Control on MTV religiously. It's where I was first introduced to Colin Quinn and Kari Wuhrer (who would lately have a hilarious cameo in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane). My buddy Craig and I lost many an hour playing Remote Control on the NES. We had a veritable treasure trove of useless facts that we learned by playing that game. Good times.

  2. I LOVED Remote Control (and Kari Wuhrer)


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