Gratitude Week 2 My Spouse

Week 2 My Spouse

My wife of almost 20 years is my rock, my best friend and the one person on this earth that really gets me.

She has given me two of the most precious and adorable girls a family could ask for.

I'm sure if you ask her what I could change about myself it would be more patient.

A little history

I meet Erinn at a bar the one thing I never thought would happen but this was 1995 and we did not have Tinder or Single Farmers dot com. The bar we were at was the gay bar for the night. She was at a table with two guys that I knew so, of course, I felt my chances were pretty good that she would at least talk to me. We talked about a mood watch that she was wearing. And life became just a little bit clearer. I remember what she was wearing a plaid skirt with a black sweater she drank bud lite and that was rough I was a miller man. We went out for breakfast that night and exchanged phone numbers. You know that stupid guy code that you have to wait three days or you look desperate, well screw that I could not wait to talk to her again so I called pretty much the next day. I know it sounds cliche but I knew deep down inside this was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I still do not know how to explain it, but the feeling was real.

Sure like most couples we have had our share of up's and down's but when love is so strong you always find a way to work it out or for my wife If I say I'm sorry (LOL). She let me marry her on Halloween the one holiday that we both loved and it was part of the month we meet. She was willing to move out of the small town that she grew up in and moved to the small town I grew up in. Sure we live in a small house and have way to much stuff but we are happy.

It's nice now to laugh at the crazy things in our life, just ask her she will love to tell you about cracking a pan over the sink and bending it when she got mad at me once. Or the one time she had a meltdown over baked beans. Yeah, Hormonal drugs when trying to get pregnant or not fun at all but we laughed and still laugh today when we tell our girls about our past.

The best part of this life I have is after 23 years together I look and my wife and think "How did I manage to be this lucky" I swear I look at her the same way I did those 23 years ago. I love every minute we have had together and look forward to the future still to this day.

Am I grateful for my wife simply the answer is yes! She has given me a lifetime of love and understanding. She lets me leave for a week out of the year to head out to MDA Camp to take care of Steve. She lets me have a basement full of horror movies and video game collectibles and I let her buy way to much nail polish and Bath and Body but it works, we work!

Our first Halloween

Our Third Halloween!

The Loves of my Life


  1. Well, if that's not the best argument I've ever read for allowing straight people in gay bars, I don't know what is! You and your wife make a delightful couple.

  2. It is charming to read about your love for your wife. What a great pair you make!

  3. Aawww! So sweet! Sounds like you're lucky to have each other!


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