Big Evil Bong News From Full Moon Features

Big Evil Bong news this past week, first off a new comic coming from Action Labs,

The bad batch is back! The soul of a serial killer with the body of a cookie! It's the Gingerdead Man, and this time he's set his beady little candy eyes on a California headshop! High and die, brah! But little does he know it's under the protection of Eebee the Evil Bong, a cursed artifact who wants to cast his crunchy body into the magical realm of BongWorld! The bloodshed and stoned heads begin here!

Watch for it to hit comic book stores this March 28th and of course shortly behind that will be April 20th or should I say 420? And that means Charles Band and his gang will bring us a new Bong movie Evil Bong 777! You know I will keep you posted.

Full Moon Features is back with the next awesome installment of the hit franchise EVIL BONG. This time we are flying high in Las Vegas for an even scarier and far out trip! It is time to get ‘ripped’ on the ‘strip’ in EVIL BONG 777! EeBee, Rabbit, Lucy Furr, Faux Batty and the gang are back for more hilarious HIGHjinx. Directed by legendary filmmaker Charles Band, this chapter will feature the most insane Giant Puppet Burlesque Show ever filmed and introduce some seriously crazy new characters!

If you would like to be a backer you can head over to Indigo here


  1. a rather "interesting" post... Their own Comic book ?? ... did not see that coming...
    thanks for posting this info, good Sir... and have a great Weekend !

    1. I agree the comic is an odd choice but they have done so well with Puppet Master that I can not wait to see how this pans out.


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