RC Cola and Grandma.

Mmmm RC Cola was the soft drink I turned to growing up and here is why. It was what my grandmother had in the house or at the studio all the time. It was that sweet treat after cutting her grass in the summer. Nothing tasted better than an ice cold bottle of cola!

RC is still a pretty big deal in the Chicago land area and found in many pizza joints everywhere. You can still get a fountain drink here in town at a local taco joint.

Just seeing the logo brings back fond memories and not just the drink but of grandma.

Sure my wife and kids do not like it but I have no problem giving it a go still to this day.

Have you ever tried RC Cola? Let me know in the comments below. Also, stop by the A to Z Challenge page and check out the other bloggers today.


  1. I remember drinking RC Cola in the 60s and maybe even the 70s -- if I absolutely could not lay my hands on a Coca-cola or even a Pepsi. But I have not seen RC Cola for sale in Canada since then.

  2. We always drank RC Cola in our house growing up in the '70's. I guess because it was cheaper than Coke or Pepsi. The only place I see RC these days is at the dollar store. I'm kind of a cola snob, but I'll have to give it a try again.

  3. Oh my gosh, I hated the taste of RC Cola although as for era defining, you are so right!

  4. I remember RC Cola as a kid and Moxie.... hmmm, what a childhood!

  5. Haven't tried this brand of Cola.
    Here's hoping you can complete the Challenge.


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