Pour Some Sugar on Me!

I learned three things from Def Leppard You can always rise above tragedy!Having a Mullet is cool in 1989 and 3rd Love Bites!

I first heard Lep in the very early 80's do to the fact my drum teacher had family back home send him this new record of an upcoming band to play along with. I studied hard to the songs Rock Brigade and Wasted long before they were a household name. I will never forget when he received their new album High and Dry with the jams of the title track along with the kick butt Another Hit and Run! Of course, people really took notice of the band when the power ballad Bringin on the Heart Break hit the airwaves.
But for me, Def Leppard was a well-kept secret and that was about to change and the Glam Metal movement was about to change the world.  

"I'm outa luck, outa love
Gotta photograph, picture of
Passion killer, you're too much
You're the only one I wanna touch
I see your face every time I dream
On every page, every magazine
So wild so free so far from me
You're all I want, my fantasy"
 Pyromania burst onto the scene thanks to MTV and the heavy rotation of Photograph! And for the first time I got to see what my favorite band looked like. And that kick ass drummer that changed my life. Wait, what, what are those?? Underwear?? Really Rick Allen now I have to stop wearing my tidy whitey's to be more like you! This has become more than a musical movement but a whole package!

I needed it all the Mullet, the ripped jeans, muscle shirts, and of course underwear that had color's! This record did not leave my turntable for months I probably could sit behind a drum kit and play along still to this day. This was the new me!

Of course, tragedy struck when Rick lost his arm it was a sad day all I could think about is how we lost one of the greatest drummers ever. Then my grandfather passed away the kick to the stomach was so hard that year.

But music was always there to bring me back to earth and Def Leppard was a huge part of that. When Hysteria finally came out it was nothing short of amazing! I wore out 2 cassette tapes that year and all though I could not play along with Rick anymore it was a great feeling listing to that album.
I have seen Def Lep more times in concert than any other band and at any given time I could pop in there CD and my mood would change for the better right on the spot.

Sure the years that follow the band became a ballad band but they still hold near and dear to my heart!

Now I know you have a favorite Def Leppard Song so let me know in the comments your fav! Also, make sure you are checking out the other bloggers during the A to Z Challange.


  1. I am puzzled as to how the first band photo of Megadeth fits into a Def Leppard article. That photo is a promotional picture for their "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying" album.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Your right Megadeath was for something different. It's fixed now.

  2. I never heard the term "mullet" in Canada in the 70s/80s. Up here, if a guy had that hairstyle, it was called "hockey hair" (short top and sides so his hockey helmet would fit but long and flowing locks out the back of the helmet). If a woman had that hairstyle, it was called "dyke cut." I knew a lot of lesbians in those days with mullets!

    1. Yeah I have hearded it called Hockey Hair as well or Helmet Head. Mine was a cross of Rick Springfeild and Joe Elliot. Now if I could just burn all those pictures of me from high school.

  3. We have long hair (the only "mullet" was a time or so that set the front of my head afire)Ripped jeans, simply means that I cannot afford new ones...
    Always enjoyed "Def Leppard"... And their Drummer made a great "come-back"

    1. well kids these days pay good money for ripped jeans. I miss my long hair some days!! So what kind of music do you listen to these days Doc?

    2. Anything ,But Rap... do Like the music of my youth (80's)
      and enjoy You Tube Videos with the Joker ( and other Villains and Monsters)
      Found a lot of newer music we like (One bad Day, Save Me, and others) and "Novelty Songs" (Zacherly, Cryptkeeper, and others)

    3. I liked some and I mean only some of the early 90's rap like Ice Ice Baby etc but I can not do country so much.

  4. One of my all-time favorite bands. Imagine my delight when my tween son (who at the time was into Korn and Limp Bizkit) discovered them!

    1. That's cool! I loved it when my girls would sing Sugar from the back seat when they were younger.

  5. The mullet hair style will always mean McGyver for me. LOL
    Susan Says

  6. I've seen them a couple times in concert. Talented and they know how to craft a good rift. Wish I could play as good as Phil. Half as good! Always liked the song Animal.

  7. Also one of my favorite bands since high school! Went to see them in concert with Poison & LIta Ford a couple years ago & they still kick ass for a bunch of old-ish guys!
    I have to confess, the local newspaper got pictures of my art class while we were painting a Christmas (1990) scene of the post office window - I had the mullet going, as well as tight-rolled jeans and a DL shirt!
    Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque


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