Aloha, Mr. Hand

We all have them those movies that you can stop on channel whether it's almost over or in the middle and just watch from there. Those movies that you know every line from. Well, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is one of those movies.

I think part of why this movie speaks to me I was one of those nerds that worked in the Mall the theater to be exact and I had a crush on a girl that worked in the food court. God if I only had a pool!

This movie is perfect a great story line, killer soundtrack, and that cast of who is who's!! Someday my kids will ask me what it was like in high school when I was growing up and I will hand them a copy of this movie and Dazed and Confused and say here you go. That school was fun once when you did not have metal detectors and police officers walking the halls.

The 80's were about expressing yourself, great music and friendship. When you would leave the house to talk to your buddies and not Facetime! Where have the fast times gone? So what is "that" movie for you? Let me know and don't forget to check out the other bloggers during the A to Z Challenge. 


  1. You know, I've never seen this movie! I think because in the 80s I was graduating from university and going out into the full-time workforce. High school was not on my mind at that point!

    1. I was in grade school when it came out did not discover it until high school but it captures that time really well so I think you would enjoy it.


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