Mad I Tell Ya Just Mad

I will always remember as a young boy going to the grocery store with mom. Once inside I would say to my mom see ya! And off I went to read the magazines and comic books.

I was allowed to pick this up once in a while and cherish them just like you would a good book. Reading them over and over again.

But it's funny I'm pretty sure I missed out on most of the humor.

Of course, it was all about Spy Vs Spy for me. It was really too bad that the video games based on them were never any good.

Did know in  1966 they had an off-broadway production called "The Mad Show" which lasted for 871 performances during its initial run? It featured sketches written by Mad regulars Stan Hart and Larry Siegel interspersed with comedic songs. In fact, you can find the cast recordings of the show on CD.

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Also here is the second record that was but in the magazine 


  1. I was a big MAD Magazine fan when I was an adolescent. Spy vs Spy was never my fave though. I much preferred MAD's movie/tv satires and any vaguely political satire they had. Also those little wordless comic doodles in the margins!

  2. I did the same thing at the grocery store. Head for the magazine rack and read all the Mad, Crazy and Cracked I could. I was a big fan of Don Martin and bought several of his Mad paperback collections. Captain Klutz was a favorite of mine.


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