Going back to the Commodore 64 one more time. Ever since I started planning the A to Z challenge I wanted to write about a game that the name eluded me for years. Thanks to researching I finally came up with its title "Questron"!

Dungeons and Dragons was all the rage in the early 80's so when Role Playing Games started coming out they consumed my life. When I was looking for it all I could remember that made this game different was the option to "Loot" or Run from enemies just like the dice game that was based on chance.

Another aspect of the game is that various monsters and foes are immune or more vulnerable to different weapons. The player would occasionally have to switch weapons depending on which enemy they faced in order to defeat them. Magic spells can also be cast, but only in the dungeon levels.

The game also had various casinos about the towns allow the player to gamble for gold pieces in games of blackjack, roulette, and double or nothing.

Even with its simple graphics and story line that was very deep for a game in 1984. Questron 2 game out four years later but really it was just a better looking game. I still prefer the original. But now that I found the title of this game I'm going to dig around for it just to play one more time. 


  1. Despite the amount of C64 games I've come across in my life, I still find plenty I've never seen before! When I saw the title of the post, I was thinking QuestProbe originally...


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