A Mate... For The Monster!

The Bride of Frankenstein
1935 | B&W | 1 hr 15min | 1.37.1 | PG | Mono | Horror

Director: James Whale

Writers: Mary Shelley

Boris Karloff
Elsa Lanchester
Colin Clive

In this sequel to Frankenstein (1931) both Henry Frankenstein and his monster have survived. The monster, thought to be dead by the local villagers, is found out when he attempts to save a young girl from drowning. He's taken into custody but escapes into the woods where he meets a blind man who enchants him with his violin. Dr. Frankenstein meanwhile is forced to work with the mad Dr. Pretorius who has also been experimenting with the creation of life. When the monster eventually returns home Frankenstein and Pretorius create a woman to be his friend. It leads to disaster when she rejects him.

The Bride of Frankenstein begins tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central (please check if your local station is delaying the start time an hour due to news, sports, or whatever)- as always, check your local listings if you’re unsure of our start time, or go to www.metv.com


  1. The fact that The Bride became such an iconic character and was only in the film for a few minutes speaks volumes on Lanchester's performance.


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