H is for Taco Pizza??

Oh, those girls in their red and white skirts and saddle shoes, the smell of freshly baked pizza, and video games what more could a young boy ask for?

Well ok for me it was more about the girls and the games see I hate pizza except one and that its Happy Joe's Taco Pizza! This was a new thing for me and I loved it. Happy Joe's is where you hung out for Birthday Partys see they had little coin up rides in the front with an Ice Cream Parlor and a pizza joint and arcade in the back. This place was a dream come true.

I still do not understand why they closed here some would say it was the fantastic local pizza that ran them out for me I think it was the video game crash of the 80's.

Let us get back to the Pizza, Happy Joe's claims to be the first pizza restaurant to offer a taco pizza (a pizza with refried bean/tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato and taco chips). After a franchisee suggested adding tacos to the menu, Joe Whitty invented the restaurant's best-selling product, the Taco Pizza. The taco pizza restores some faith into me when it came to the pie that everybody loves. But soon after they also introduced the BLT pizza as well OMG!!

It's cool to hear that Happy Joe's is still around and our now in seven states and over 50 restaurants strong. I have added taking me kids to the bucket list this Summer. Maybe heading towards  Moline or Iowa to check this place out. Per their website tho it seems to be more of a restaurant then a Birthday Party destination but that is ok it will be worth the hour drive. Have you ever been to Happy Joe's? Have you been to one lately, if so do they still have ice cream and video games? Let me know and don't forget to check out some of the other bloggers during the A to Z Challenge.


  1. I love pizza! And I like tacos..but a taco pizza...not sure about that. We don't have any Happy Joe's around here, but the setup you describe sounds like some places I knew as a kid as well. The pizza place connected to an ice cream place...with video games in the back. Good times.

  2. I can't meet with you on this one... we never had these in Southern California. We had Chuck E. Cheese. That taco pizza, I'm just not sure about that. Looks too messy to eat. Do you fold it up and eat like New York style pizza (thin and floppy and eat like a taco) or do you use a fork? Because refried beans would be dripping? Not sure about that. Also, aren't you in Illinois? I remember LOVING the Chicago style, thick crust pizza. The stuffed pizza, 1 slice was too much...but YUM and a beer! Let's all cheer!

  3. Now THIS is a pizza I would eat! It sounds really good! I'm also not a huge regular, normal pizza fan, either.
    Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque

  4. When the boys were younger, we made a version of the "taco pizza" and it was delicious.

  5. I think it sounds pretty gross, but that many people can't be wrong!

  6. Wow, I love Taco Pizza!
    Best Wishes,

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