C is for Angels

Oh, those Angels! I truly do not think I have watched much TV since the 80's do to the simple fact that the 40's through the 80's had real tv shows! Not this junk that is on nowadays.

Now I was only six when the show came out so I missed out on the Farrah Faucet poster day's but I will never forget sitting in the living room with my family watching TV. And sadly my favorite charter was John Bosley and my favorite Angel was Katie Jackson! No joke for me this was about the action more than the hot chicks on tv.

And yet there was another fun TV show that was on during the same time frame that was just as cool! Yep, that would be Eric Estrada's hairy chest in CHiP's. And yet again I was going against the grain as Officer John Baker was my favorite officer in the show.  Being from a farm town in my mind a cop on a motorcycle was kick ass. So if both shows were on at the same time which one do you go with? Both had sex appeal back in the day so let me know below!

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  1. Because Kate Jackson was the "smart" Angel, she never had to show cleavage like the other two.

  2. I didn't watch either show back in the day. I'm not sure why I didn't watch Charlie's Angels (probably because mom would have objected), but I recall refusing to watch CHiPs because my 6th grade girlfriend had a crush on Ponch. I did watch ChiPs in reruns, but still have never sat through a single episode of Charlie's Angels. I may need to remedy that.

  3. I had an 80s theme last year but I like yours even better...so much more flexibility. I LOVED Charlie's Angels as a kid. I thought Cheryl Ladd was the most beautiful woman ever. I didn't watch the Farrah Fawcett year...I caught up with the show in the second or third season. During Farrah Fawcett's year, I was seven or eight, I think, and somehow I missed the show that year.

  4. Probably Charlie's Angles, more because I love the story line.


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