Listen Do You Smell Something?

So unlike yesterday Ghostbuster's is not one of those movies I can watch from the middle. It's one of those beginning to end flicks. But way back in 1984, this movie set my mind on fire. I was 13 years old and was allowed to go to the theater without a friend or adult supervision. We would pick the movie we wanted to see and move on. I lived at the theater that summer and watch Ghostbusters 6 times! All of them with a few different friends each time. I could not believe my eyes when the movie started. I could not get enough! (I did see Indiana Jones a few times that year as well but not as many times as Ghostbusters.)

And I had it T-Shirts, comic books, and of course that killer soundtrack. Yeah, I could quote the movie to myself and when we played Ghostbuster's with sticks in the back yard what a great summer. Then the video game came out on the Commodore 64...

I would spend hours an hours playing this game! In fact, it was the first game I ever beat and I still went back to it and played for hours. I hoped and prayed it would rain some of those summer afternoons who wanted to go outside and play Baseball! I played so much I rolled over the high score and played more and more... (clears throat) sorry was getting carried away. But really this movie helped me take a new path in life I know wanted to study film. And I did.

Now I have played the new games and they are ok but that 8-bit magic will always remain true and dear to me. How about you, what game have you played over and over again? How about the movies which one did you see in the theatre more than once? Let me know below and while your here don't forget to check out over 1,000 other bloggers haveing fun during the A to Z Challenge!


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