The RAUNCHIEST Movie about growing up ever made!

 Will I never forget about  the shower scene in Porky's?  Probably not because I was so jealous of the other brothers to my friends and hearing all about this cool movie I just could not wait to see it. When it finally hit VHS my buddy and I walked to the video store mind you at the age of 12 and rented it. That night all I could think about is this how cool high school is going to be?? Sadly that was not true but this is a fun piece of movie history. And the late great Christmas Story director was responsible for this one. Thanks, Bob Clark!

1954. The sexual hijinks of a group of mid-teen male students of Angel Beach High School in Florida are presented. Their main goal is to lose their collective virginity. In the process, they embark on games of sexual innuendo with their female classmates, as witnessed by the activities of Billy, Tommy, and Pee Wee in their secret surveillance. Pee Wee is the most desperate, that desperation which gets him into one predicament after another, especially as he is the butt of many a prank. A side issue for Tim, basically a good guy, is dealing with his learned racism, which comes to the surface with the arrival to their school of a new student, Jewish Brian Schwartz. The sexual pursuits at the school are not limited to the student body as new boys Phys Ed coach, Roy Brackett, has a mutual attraction with cheer-leading coach, Miss Lynn Honeywell, who doesn't want to go all the way; Coach Brackett's goal is to find out why Coach Warren has nicknamed Miss Honeywell "Lassie". All these goings-on...

Fun fact about A Christmas Story the studio did not want to make that movie but allowed it just so Clark would do the sequel Porky's 2 The Next Day. In 1982, Porky's was the top movie in the USA for eight weeks and was second only to the sixteen weeks that Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial held the No. #1 box-office spot.

Man, I loved growing up in the 80's!

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  1. I remember my Dad laughing his butt off while watching this! I seem to recall him watching a lot of movies that were entirely inappropriate for young me to see, but I don't think I turned out too warped!
    I bet if we watched this now, we'd think it was horribly cheesy.


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