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Back to Glam Metal one more time during the countdown. This is a band that is near and dear to my heart. I did not jump on the Enuff Z'Nuff bandwagon when they released their first self-titled album. Sure I know who they were who could ever get those first two video's out of our skulls. Of course, those where the bands only true hits with "Fly High Michelle" and "Big Thing"  I still to this day skip those track which is sad they are both good songs I'm just burned out. Now I picked up their second Album "Strength" on a whim giving the Chicago boys another shot. I was blown away and forever hooked!

This album is a hit from "Heaven or Hell" to "Time To Let You Go". They found some success with "Mothers Eyes" and "Baby Loves You" Rolling Stone Magazine even called them "The Hot Band Of 1991" Strength remains one of the fan favorites even to this day.

The following albums found some success but it seems like Nirvana killed the glam rock and thank god when it comes to these boys. They settled into their own groove with Donnie Vie and Chip Znuff writing some of the greatest songs you will ever hear. I swear if Taylor Swift covered "Who's got you now" or "All Alone" they would be top 10 songs all the way.

As a fan, I could never understand why these guys could never break through for all of the world to hear. Every album that came out just got better and better every time! When "Seven" came out these guys were on fire. This would have to be one of the greatest records ever! This Cd never leaves my side. And the cool part is Chip himself was at a small record shop in Joliet, il the day I picked this up.
Yeah, even this die-hard fan would have to drive 60 miles to pick up their music. From radio greatest like Howard Stern to Mancow they got the love they deserved they just could not break out of that Glam mold! They are a solid rock band.

So with a collection that is well over 1,000 CD's and spending a few years working in a record store discovery, new music is always fun. But when a band speaks to you year after year that is pure gold. I know the band has its struggles but this fanboy hopes they can hold it together for another 20 years bringing us great music. And with those CD's and today's tech this is the only band and only CD's that have never left my iPhone just like the tapes and CD's never left my car. If you are looking to discover something new I have to point you to Enuff Z'nuff they are a very under appreciated band!

So who is your go to band? Let me know in the comments below. 


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