Is it to early

So yesterday we watched the Snoopy's Thanksgiving Special. Was shocked when we found it on the Roku Channel Digital Drive in. I may even break down and watch the Jetsons Christmas Carol and well as Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol. I'm not sure how the channel has them so we want to watch before they go away.

I was so upset on Halloween night to learn that Hallmark Channel started running their Christmas Shows that night. Why they could not just wait a few hours for November 1st is beyond me.

I want to take a moment to thank everybody who stopped by this Halloween and I can't wait to join in on Creepmas this year. 


  1. It is wacky how early the Christmas stuff make its appearance - I was at Michaels on Monday Nov. 3rd and all Thanksgiving stuff was 80% off! It will be gone this week and then it will be all Christmas.
    Perhaps they should just move Jesus birthday to January - then they could have another month for Christmas shopping.


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