Svengoolie Report from Flashback Weekend

One of the many highlights for me at Flashback would be my annual trek to shake hands with one of the best. After almost missing out last year I made sure to hop in line at 2:00. Sure, I was not surprised at the super long line that took me around the corner and almost to the elevator. What surprised me more was that all these fans we're passing up  the John Carpenter Q&A.

Great Fan art!
Waiting to get my book inked

Every year you see something new in line. This year was truly about the fan art and the "Haunting Tales of Horrorbles" Comic. I missed out on the road trip early this year to Berwyn to pick this book up. So when I received the email from John Araza that they would be selling the books in the dealer room but he was also going to bring along Dan Dougherty and Rafael Nieves I could not have been any happier.

This year was truly funny to be in line. The people around me just weren't to sure of the facts about Mr. Goolie and so many times I wanted to turn around and correct  them. Of course I did once or twice but never crossing the line. Its always fun at Flashback to share your passion for Horror movies with the fans you're in line with. It was just odd that I had more knowledge on a horror host then most.

One of the funnier moments came when the lady behind me asked how much for an autograph, well this lead to a fun game of what is on Svengoolie tonight. When the lady cracked under pressure the staff jokingly told her $49.95.

After meeting Svengoolie I thanked him once again and told him I'll see him next year he laughed and told me to head over to Joliet next week. His staff was super fun and poked fun at the fact I had two personal photographers with me. Even Sven got a chuckle out all the flashes from the many cameras around us.

We ended up missing the costume contest this year to run over to Comic Con and meet up with a few friends and take a some pictures. We did make it back on time to see the Zombie pin up contest. I will post that video later this week. Until then enjoy the little video I put together.

Contest Winners


  1. Lucky you! How cool to have that photo (and all the others you have with Sven) So what Sven trivia were people wrong about? I'm surprised that so many people would pass up John Carpenter for Sven! That would be a difficult decision for me.

    1. Justine people did not some of the simple stuff. Like who is the piano player, Berwyn Jokes and so on. The one that made me laugh was the lady that did not know what was playing that night. It was a toss up between Sven and John but I have made it a point to wait in Sven's line for 5 years now so I felt it would be wrong to skip it. Its odd Carpenter was the big star so they close him up in a separate room so I never saw him the whole time I was there.

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    1. That looks like it would have been so much to attend.

    2. Hi Queen of Horror first welcome to the cave! Your welcome any time. Flashback is really a good time. The best part is your with your own. Nobody looks at you different your all fans of the same thing. And just talking to some of these folks and listing to their knowledge and passion is what makes it great. So it is a fun time.


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