2007 | Color | 81 Minutes | 1.37:1 | R | Horror | 2.0 Stereo | Automatic Media

Director: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen

Writer: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen

Sean Brennan
Andrea Brokaw 
Tommy Clark

A team of environmentalists investigating "uncharted territory" find that someone, or rather, something has already made the land its home and proceeds to take the team out, one by one. Meanwhile, a young couple hoping for reconciliation with a long lost brother eventually find themselves in the path of the monster.

Sooooo when I took this assignment to review a "Bigfoot" movie for Radiation-Scarred Reviews I could not wait to jump in to a movie I picked up cheap "Primal". Holy S**t I should have left this on the junk table! This movie was made for $6,000.00.  That really does not bother me I will sit and watch most low budget yeti dung but today I'm here to save your life from it! The straight to video (Really straight like out of the camcorder and into Blockbusters everywhere.) opens with 3 lost college kids getting whacked by a real poor, real fake looking Bigfoot. No really, if a rubber handed, rubber foot shag rug came after me I would die laughing. 

Oooo run! 
Next we move onto a uncomfortable odd pairing of a sister seeking her wierd brother with her soon to be husband. This is the meat of the story. The sister Julie talking her brother park ranger Wade into coming home for her wedding. But Wade has been in the forest all alone for years tracking the beast so of course for plot reasons he does not want to leave.

Oh and there is this environmental group running around not sure what they are looking for but the Sasquatch always seems to find them. This is the only time in the movie that you will find a few likable characters.

So lets talk Sasquatch, that's why we are here right? I already covered the bad look of the creature but let's talk about the death sequences for a moment. At first I was so ticked by the way they did it. They would use odd camara angles, shaky movement, and  over the top editing. But the more you see it, you realize this is to help keep away from CG which is a plus in my book.

OK so the cast was just OK. No nudity, all the blood comes from after the fact point of view. The acting was not bad for a low budget movie the idea was OK nothing new or over the top. Would I recommend this movie? Well yes and no. If your a fan of Bigfoot movies you may get a kick out of Primal. If your not, skip it don't even pick this up and think about it. Mine cost a quarter at a book sale sure wish I could get that back.

1 Bloody Brain out of 5

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