Free Streaming this June!

It's a new month time to look into those free movies on Vudu for June! And as much as I would like to tell you to watch Yental or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles three I can't so here is my list of top five new and FREE movies on Vudu.

First up the 1996 Comedy starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin Bio-Dome. Moronic best friends get themselves locked inside the Bio-Dome, a science experiment, along with a group of environmental scientists for one year. This silly yet fun summer flick gives us Joey Lauren Adams and Kylie Minogue witch called this film her "worst career move". She said that it is the only thing she has done in her professional life that her father ridicules her for.

In Brian De Palma's homage to Hitchcock, a psycho-killer stalks two New York City women--one a frustrated housewife, the other a street-smart hooker who teams up with the first woman's son to trap the murderer. Angie Dickinson said on The Tonight Show, that of all the movies she was in, Dressed to Kill is her favorite. Make sure to check out this classic thriller with the lights on.

Come on you know you still quote Rain Man "Gotta get my boxer shorts at K-Mart." Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt's father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; they travel cross-country. If you have never seen this Oscar Winner you owe it to yourself to grab the popcorn and enjoy! Plus its the only thing we have left of K-Mart.

If you have never seen the 1987 classic Overboard you must watch it before the new one so you can say like the rest of us "Why remake a masterpiece?".  A cruel but beautiful heiress mocks and cheats over a hired carpenter. When she gets amnesia after an accident, he decides to introduce her to regular life by convincing her they're husband and wife. Looking back on the film, Garry Marshall thinks that it's "still one of the funniest pictures I ever made."

A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town. Did you know this film and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) are credited with inspiring the MPAA to create the PG-13 rating? Many felt the movies were too violent for a PG rating, but not violent enough for an R.
Boy, that is a ton of 80's gold not to mention Gremlins 2, Big Fish, and My Girl did not make the cut for my top Five. Check out Vudu today for some truly great summer blockbusters all for free!

If VUDU is not your thing you can always use Crackle her would be my top five picks...

And over at Tubi TV 


  1. Good choices! Overboard gets laughed off by the younger generation as 80s nonsense, which it may very well be. But it is funny and well made and just plain enjoyable. That little movie Gremlins is, too. :)


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