Racists, beware! Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga!
2013 | Color | 80 Min | 1.37:1 | Stereo | Horror | Full Moon Horror

Directed by
Charles Band

Kent Roudebush

Karen Black
Gregory Blair
Ciarra Carter
Stacy Keach
George Ouzounian

Ooga Booga follows an innocent African American boy who is brutally murdered by dirty cops, but his soul is magically transferred into an action figure named Ooga Booga. With on his tribal spear and old girlfriend to help he takes to the streets and trailer parks to find the men that ended his once bright future.

Well not sure how to start reviewing this movie but here it goes. The flick opens with Hambo as a returning character from Zombies Vs Strippers. The whole reason for this scene is to sell you new merchandise. Yeah it kind of sets you up for the kid's sole going into the doll but nothing more. In fact its anti climatic. Chucky at least had a point. This is the slowest part of the movie thank god.

 So after being shot by the raciest cop, Devon is now trapped in a doll body then finds his girlfriend so they can seek out revenge. NOW I need to stop myself for just a moment. One thing I have always said Full Moon does better then Asylum is the they use less CGI. That all ended with fake head shot's with little to no blood. Infact it pissed me off! It really kills the mood of the movie. So Full Moon has dipped low in the cheap editing category.  Thats a Bummer. But on the plus side they did have more then one location. In fact the use of stagnet shots help the pace this time around.

Ok so Devon finds his girlfriend they hash out a plot to take down the cops and the bad guys. Thats when we meet Mrs. Allardyce played by Karen Black. She really picks up this movie. Her bizarre character his played well her lines are perfect and she really is the only reason to watch this movie. All thou the puppet work on this movie is some of the best they have done. The acting in this is just so so in fact they are a boring cast. Then comes some more cheep CGI blood splatters. The bad guys are gone and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy aka Ooga and his girl can live happy ever after I think because I don't remember the end of the movie. Oh yeah wait Hambo gets rich and sends them money every thing is right in this world.

So what did I hate about this movie

  1. Stacy Keetch - Horrible acting and they probably paid him well.
  2. The Racism. I get it they where trying to ride the coat tails of Dejango it just did not work
  3. Hambo I did not like him in Zombies vs Strippers and I did not like him here
  4. Wade Wilson must have been fresh from acting school just needs more time.
  5. The really bad Kid Rock rip off song.
  6. CGI head shots really!! Come on.
  7. Lame death scenes 
  8. Poor acting
  9. A tired plot
  10. Total Chucky rip off
What did I like you ask well

  1. Maddex that plays skeez. This guy is a blogger that got asked to do this movie and he did well. I liked his character and he pulled it off.
  2. Ooga Booga himself was done really well. I can see this spawning a series. 
  3. Locations as in more then one in fact they did a few. It really helped with the pace of the movie.
  4. Ciarra Carter. The only rookie in this movie that could act. 
  5. Karen Black! I can't say enough about her she is wonderful.
Cairra Carter

The bad seem to out way the good. I wanted to love this movie it was a great idea. But for the second time with in a year Full Moon let me down. I cant say watch this unless your really into B movies like myself. And even then take warning this movie is mediocre at best. Its worth a rental just for the Video Zone.

2 Bloody Brain

I would almost give this 3 stars just based on Cairra Carter and Karen Black alone.