A City Screams in Terror!

The Creature Walks Among Us
1956 | B&W | 78 Min | 1.37:1 | Mono | Horror | Universal

Director: John Sherwood

Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Stars: Jeff Morrow, Rex Reason, Leigh Snowden

The wealthy Dr. William Barton organizes an expedition to the Florida Everglades with the scientists Dr. Thomas Morgan, Dr. Borg and Dr. Johnson to capture the Creature. They navigate in the ship of Capt. Stanley with Jed Grant and Dr. Barton's wife Marcia Barton joins the team. Dr. Barton is paranoid with the jealousy of Marcia and Jed is harassing her in the trip. They chase and capture the Creature that is totally burnt. Without breathing through the gills, the Creature is turned into an air breather through his hidden lungs and brought to the ranch of Dr. Barton in California. Dr. Morgan defends the thesis that the Creature responds to the way that he is treated and asks people to be not violent with him. But Dr. Barton is near a breakdown with his jealousy of Marcia.

From Svengoolie "This much-requested 1956 “Creature” feature brings a close to the Gill Man’s story- but, as far as fans are concerned, we could have used more sequels! We’ll fill you in on the cast- some of whom you’ve seen before on our show- and add some added Sven flavoring- like trying to get the Gill Man used to civilization- such as it is!"

Sven will aslo be making his first public apperence in a few short minutes at C2E2 in Chicago.


  1. I'm looking forward to this one, because it will be new for me! Looks like you found a trailer for a double feature. That second movie was probably pretty good too.

    1. Oh I guess so. I remeber the good old days of double features!


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