Do Not Go Down That Hole, Are You Nuts?

The Doom Stone By Paul Zindel
A killer beast—half-man, half-apelike—terrorizes the English plain on which Stonehenge lies. Fifteen-year-old Jackson Cauley, with the help of his anthropologist aunt and a local girl, has tracked down the predator’s lair. But the source of the beast’s power lies in the ancient Doom Stone of Stonehenge, and unless its secret is unlocked, the deadly slaughter will continue.
This book wastes no time at all with its first kill with in the first 3 pages. Join Jackson on a twist and turn filled hold your breath tale of creatures under ground.
I Love Zindel's work "My durling my Hamberger" and "Pardon Me, Your Stepping on My Eye Ball" and this book was a 180 degree turn from everything I have read. While reading this book I did find myself holding my breath. This book is written for tweens so no real blood. Do not let that throw you off its a good summer time read and will not take more then a day or two.
I was lucky to find this book at a book sale for .50 cents. The real good news I was able to trade this book on paperback swap.
Doom Stone
3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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