OK so one of the biggest things I have had trouble getting over is being over protective of Ella. I feel that I have to stand by her all day to make sure she is fine, and I hate that. Its so hard to trust somebody that's not with her all the time. But I'm working on it. Letting her stay with my parents house, letting her run around out side with out me worrying about her. Then this weekend I let her go with Heather all day. She took Ella after we went to the Home Depot. They headed to Burger King to eat and run around and then to play and I felt OK with that, this is a big step. Mind you I trust Heather she is around kids all day and I know she would since something wrong with Ella and call me right away. But hey I did it I let her walk away, man whats going to happen when she brings home that first date!

This was an action packed weekend. Fireworks on Friday in Peru on Saturday in Spring Valley and Utica (picture) on Sunday. That means bed at 11:00 every night! Lainey did not make it out on Sunday the poor thing melted down by 8:00 and went to bed. Earlier that day Erinn gashed her finger chopping Broccoli and had to go to the Emergency Room for glue and a shot. OOOOOH and the nurse really mad me mad get this she tells Erinn it must hurt do to all the nerve endings in your fingers then oh yeah then so goes on to say how there would be no way she could be a diabetic she can't she how they can poke them selves all the time..boy did I let her have it. I snapped at her " yeah I know I have to Poke my poor 4year old every day" I'm sure my face was not nice. She did not know what to say! I say "SHUT UP!" and do your job.

This is a messed up week as well Rusty's dad is not doing good, Pete's Mom is not doing good and Erinn's grandma is not doing well. I hope nobody needs much from us at the pro desk.
On the 4Th Lainey Turned 16 months. Boy time is flying by.
I also can't wait for this week to be over, Erinn is putting together a book sale for St. Jude. Growing tired of books every where. The good news this week Big Brother starts its like the only show I watch on TV next Baseball and Svengoolie.


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