Flashback Weekend Update.

Yay! Now I'm looking forward to Flashback weekend. Love Ginger Snaps it was one of those movie's we would sell allot of at Suncoast. The movie has a big cult following. The goth kids would come in and this is what we would sell them. But better yet
(above) was great in Freddy vs Jason. Here is her bio.

Born in Vancouver, BC, Canada Katharine was probably used to the television and film production lifestyle as her father, Graeme Murray has been responsible for special effects on shows such as The X-files.

Like so many others, Katharine broke into acting at an early age winning parts on films such as Cousins, Cold Front and shows like MacGuyver. As time went on Katharine won bigger roles which would eventually build up to a lead role in Ginger Snaps.

Whilst living in Vancouver, Katharine has built an ever-growing resume, not only on Canadian film and television but also with some of Hollywood's big names. In 2002, Katharine appeared in Insomnia, and in 2003, she had one of the most memorable roles in Freddy vs. Jason.


She was so insane in the movie Ginger snaps I can't believe she has not done more on the wacko side of horror movies. She will be great to meet as well . Here is her bio.

A native resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Emily Perkins began her professional acting career at the age of 10 and made her feature film debut in 1989's Small Sacrifices. The following year, she was recognized with a YTV National Youth Achievement award in acting and landed key roles on the television series Mom P.I. and the films Anything to Survive and It, an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Stephen King.

As an adult, her film appearances include Insomnia and Prozac Nation, while her television credits include guest spots on Fox's Emmy-award winning series The X-Files, the renowned educational children's program Mentors, and Showtime's highly acclaimed comedy/drama Dead Like Me. Her lead performance in the Ginger Snaps film trilogy has received wide critical praise, and her work in the first installment of the series garnered her a Best Actress award at Spain's international film festival for fantastic cinema.
Tony Todd

Also looking forward to meeting the Candyman himself.
Ok, 3 posts one day can you tell the kids are playing nice. For more info check out http://www.flashbackweekend.com/


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