The Bird's

(The following story is based on true events that took place on a quiet street)

It happened one quiet Summer afternoon. The sun was about to peek on this warm Sunday, as we all sat in the house dancing around and waiting for Grandma to come home from church, so dad could cut the grass. As grandma pulled up the kids were full of life and ready to go visit for awhile. I packed them up and was ready to head out. Little did we know this quiet little street was about to be full of loud nerve-shattering noise.
We all stepped out onto the porch and I was shutting the door when Ella was walking past our little tree and jumped and let out small startled yelp. As a small bird, just as scared as she was, went zooming out the tree and passed her. Well, that did not seem to sit well with a few mommy and daddy birds nearby. As I stepped down myself, to tell Ella it was OK, down swooped the upset birds yelling right at us. At first, I did not think much of this and started walking to the house across the street. Out of the corner of my eye I see a swooping bird coming right for my head, I yell "YAAA" at it and it did not help. The next bird stopped short of my head, yelling at me in its native tongue, I yelled at Ella who is now screaming at the top of her lungs get in the house! As I tuck Lainey under my arms like Walter Payton I dart for the door yelling at the birds still swooping over my head. When I reached the porch I hear Ella petrified still screaming in the same place. Overcome by fear she could not move. I looked up and saw the big bad bird & his black beady eyes focused on me. What to do? I can not put down Lainey, who is now screaming at the top of her lungs and poor Ella was now the clear target for the bird. Thankfully I was lazy the night before and did not put the mop away. I grabbed it with one hand and Lainey in the other I jumped off the porch yelling back at the bird. He yelled back at me in his native tongue I'm sure he was yelling "Bring It!". I swung the mop at the birds head and flung myself around just in time to swing again at his partner behind me.
It was about this time when I heard Norm screaming to Mary "you need to get over there and help". With the birds at bay, I tell Ella to get in the house and we make it there safe. I put down the kids and said stay here. I could see the evil still in the trees waiting for us and poor grandma on her way with the broom in hand. I told the girls I need to help grandma get here safe so out the door I ran with my mop and the birds high-tailed it out of there.
Grandma and I tucked the kids under our arms with mops and brooms we headed out the door once again. As we made it safe across the street it was time to calm down the kids. After a few minutes, it was out to cut the grass. Any bird that wants a piece of me will eat the blade of my mower.
As the sun set Roosevelt Rd is quiet once again and the bush next to the porch is now much shorter and thinner.


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