Ode to Steve

So here I go again. This blog is for my buddy Steve. He is a blogger so why not join the fun. First, Steve asked me to join Myspace (have not logged on to that in a long time) Then Facebook and now this. Why not I would do anything for Steve. Steve is leaving for Florida in a few weeks so this is a new way to keep in touch. So here are a few rules if you're going to read my blog.

1 If you don't like my grammar and or spelling move on!

2 If you don't like what I'm writing will go read about the Cubs losers like to stick together.

3 If you don't know me why are you here?

Thanks and have a good day.


Edited six years later. Wow, I almost come off as a crabby ass! This was a poor attempt at humor.


  1. Everybody's first post should have a comment or two - so here's one a few years late. I don't know you - but I can tell you exactly why I'm here - you came to visit my blog and followed, and I returned the favor - and I like the cut of your jib. Cheers!


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