FlashBack Weekend

Its that time again to talk about my favorite Horror Con Flashback Weekend. Sunday was the only day we could attend this year so Eric and I packed up the car and hit the road. Armed with our backpacks full of DVD cases and poster's we headed out early. The big thing for Sunday was to meet Freddy him self Robert England. The draw back to this you had to buy his book "Hollywood Monster" for 30 bucks and wait in line for hours just for him to sign his name and say "Next". As always England is not one to chat with his fans at all. As we waited in line his line was growing and the closer I got to the door the less I cared about him. So I skipped my book ticket and hit the dealer floor.

First things first we always do the lap and see what there is and reevaluate the funds in our pocket. Of course this year was the year of OVER PRICED CELEBRITY. The first table we hit was Tony Todd the Candyman him self, dude get over your self $30 for his crap and $25 for your own but wait! You could not have a photo with him for less then $25 bucks! Get real dude. then the girls of Ginger Snaps the only reason I cared to go, the same thing! When they start to ask for money to have their photo taken with you for get it! Eric and I walked up to some unknown chick that will be in a straight to DVD movie, she was cute so why not say hi. I'm glad that she did not charge me just for looking at her and breathing her air. $10 bucks for a photo and $25 for her ink. I feel bad because I know we both laughed out loud at her. Oops Sorry.

We did run into the coolest celeb. Tim Quills (Army of Darkness, Spiderman 1-3, My Name is Bruce) he talked to his fans and was having a great time. He also singed my DVD case and a poster as well for $10 bucks and...and a free photo to boot.

I picked up a few odds and ends but the vender's this year where pretty week. Before hitting the Charles Band Show I picked up the following movies: CockHamer, The Landlord, and Fast Zombies with Guns. Now on to the best part of the show. Charles Band Full Moon Road Show. This will be the 2nd time I have seen this but this year was really cool. He brought with him TIM THOMERSON (Trancers 1-5, Near Dark, Dollman) to do a Q&A and announce Trancers 6.

The best part FREE BEER, nothing is bad when you have a cold smooth FREE beer in your hand. Part of his show is to get some girl to show her boobs on stage for all of us geeks in the room. As always it did not happen and in a way thank god. When the show was done Charles gave the crowd a great discount. Pick up Trancers Box Set for $25 dollars (more then half off) Tim would sign it for FREE. Well I have always wanted to pick this up and I still had money in my pocket I hit the door running for this great deal. Thomerson was great he had a photo from the movie Zone Troopers (1985). this movie was just on Svengoolie over the summer. I liked it so much I was looking for it on DVD. So we talked about that for awhile. So by the end of the day only 2 cool celebrity's, money left in my pocket and a bad taste in my mouth.

When it comes down to it Flashback was a big bust this year. Week vendors no photo's with out taking my money and nothing really going on at the show on a Sunday.

The plus Tim Quills was really cool, David Crawford from Dawn of the Dead, Tim Thomerson, and Charles Band. Oh and bringing home money for the first time. Oh well maybe its time to take a year off.

Flashback Weekend 2009 only

2 Bloody Brains out of 5


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