Man-Made Monster
1941 | B&W | 59 Min. | 1.37.1 | PG | Horror | Mono | Universal

Director: George Waggner

Writers: Harry Essex

Lionel Atwill
Lon Chaney Jr. 
Anne Nagel

Man Made Monster stars Lon Chaney Jr. as a carnival performer who transforms into a murderous monster after a terrible accident. On a dark and stormy night, a bus skids into a high-tension wire electrocuting all passengers but one: "Dynamo" Dan McCormick (Chaney Jr.), who survives because he has built up immunity to electricity through his carnival performances. Dan is now the perfect specimen for the evil experiments of mad scientist Dr. Rigas (Lionel Atwill), who is working to create a race of electrically controlled men to do his bidding. The innocent Dan agrees to let Dr. Rigas study him but soon turns into a voltage addict manipulated by the doctor's commands. Before long, Dan becomes a monster whose fiery touch can, and does, kill. His powerful currents send him on a rampage through the countryside and lead to an edge-of-your-seat climax!

“Man Made Monster” switches on tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings for airtime. Chicago gets a second run of “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” at 11 am on MeTV. 


  1. Atwill made for a good Villain....

    1. I have not seen this yet so I'm looking forward to this.


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