More On 34 2017

It's that time of the year again to hit the trails looking for treasures! More on 34 was an idea conceived in Kewanee Il and has grown into a wonderful weekend event. More on 34 stretches over 100 miles on US Route 34. The event takes place every year on father’s day weekend (Friday and Saturday). This year we only had a few hours before we had to turn back but we made the best of our time.

As the story of my life goes we live smack dab in the middle so every year we have to pick a direction starting in Mendota which is 15 minutes north of us. So we started off head 20 miles over to Earlville and backtracked to Mendota. Sadly on like other years, Earlville was not very good to me. My daughter sure she found a few bits of Barbie clothes straight out of the 80's. And as we traveled through Mendota I still did not find much and I was ready to call it a day when I remembered a school was having a rummage sale. And finally, I struck gold. I found 7 PlayStation 2 games at .50 cents a pop! And we both found a few books along with a Gumball DVD that I was told we must own ūüėĄ Hey spending a day on the road with my youngest was well worth it.

After such an awesome haul I was reenergized to move forward hitting one more small town before heading home. Scored a few movies Quarantine that I ended up having already, Tommyknockers and This is Spinal Tap. The big win for me was in that town the Call Of Duty limited edition steel book set for a cool $5.

I'm not one for first person shooters but man this will look good in the Man Cave! I do plan on playing it soon. So, in the end, I spent $15 bucks on more junk that I do not need but man it was fun! Every year I try to ask off for the whole weekend so that someday I can take this journey from start to finish It's just a hard weekend to get off, Someday though it will happen.

As you can see we ran into what has to be one of the coolest Little Free Library's that we have seen. And for some reason, my kid was into finding stuffed animals this year. I only let her pick up a few that well looked clean.

Saw a few other cool things along the way so here you go....

This was the original cable box from 1980! I came with a long cord so it would reach the couch and for the first time in my young life, I was no longer the one changing the channels for my parents. Just an FYI channel 23 was MTV and 24 was ESPN and thanks to the tracking roller on the side you could sometimes press down two buttons and do some adjusting and whamo free HBO or Playboy channel not that I watched the Playboy Channel.

How about a little Spuds Makenzie spotted at the VFW? Sad story about the VFW I found a movie at one of the stands Escape from New York and only fifty cents sadly when I went to check on the disc it was gone I was so bummed.

It took some willpower not buy these I just felt like I needed them. Well, that's about it next week is our the town wide sale here in LaSalle so I will be doing a little video as well. If you would like more info on More on 34 make sure to check out the official site by clicking here.


  1. I love a good rummage sale or garage sale! But yes, it's very time consuming to paw through endless piles of junk to find that ONE bit of hidden treasure!


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