ok I'll Do it! Happy New Year.

So I keep reading all these Top 10 lists that everybody thinks they need to do. Then I ran across something different the Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade. And it made my think hey way not nobody really reads my rambles anyway and it would be fun. Besides my taste is so far different from everybody else on this planet, don't believe ask my brother.

First a few Honorable Mentions:
  • My Name is Bruce; Staring, written and directed by Bruce Campbell himself. He really saved his ass with this one after The Man with the Screaming Brain. If you are a fan of Campbell you have seen this and you get it. If not well get out from that rock you dork.
  • Jason X; Why because I think this is one of the best Friday the 13Th they have made in years. Kane Hodder is Jason, the way he moves and walks, he really brings him to life. Sure they take the battle into space and that can be lame but for me it works, but the new evil upgrade was well done and received. I remember when this movie was never getting the release that it needed and the early days of the Internet I was able to score a bootleg and I was glad I did. The DVD is packed with great extras. I proudly display my Kane Hodder signed DVD front and center.
So as you can see already My list is going to be way different from yours ...Maybe? Know on with the blog.
  • 10. Hatchet "Old School American Horror". When I meet Adam Green at flashback I had already heard a lot of good things about this movie. After listing to his Q&A I was hooked. I could not wait for the DVD release. Sure the ending sucks butt the rest of the movie blew me away. Looking forward to Hatchet 2 and Frozen later this year.
  • 9. Texas Chain Saw Massacre; Why you ask, well as far as remakes go this was done really well. The update to the story worked, a the actors hit the spot. Makeup was great and it was at the time one of the best sounding movies. The DVD packaging was great and the DTS works well from home theaters.
  • 8. Devils Rejects; Rob Zombie grew up with his second afford. The dirt the grit the cast and the lines make this a great movie. The 70's style works for this and it did not get weird at the end like his first movie.
  • 7. My Bloody Valentine; finally somebody in Hollywood heard me. I have said all along quit trying to remake good movies that everybody already likes but remake the crap movies and make them better! I liked the original but the remake blew me out of the coal mine!
  • 6. Dawn of the Dead; This will be the last of the remakes on my list and it proves that the last ten years of movies sucked on originality. This is the movie that really kicked started the remake frenzy. At first, I felt like I was going to hate this movie running Zombies come on. But it works and it is scary as hell!
  • 5. Freddy Vs Jason; Back in 1989 when I was an Usher they talked about making this movie. Sure it took over 10 years to be made and it was worth the wait! Ask my wife I stood up and cheered in the theater. I really hope they do not try this again let this movie be. I can watch this movie every time it is on TV.
  • 4. Jeepers Creepers; Well this movie took me back in time when I first watched a monster movie. I love the Creeper he was a new face to add to a long list of Great Monsters! Sure part 2 was not very good but I hope that does not stop them from making more!
  • 3. Behind the Mask the rise and fall of Leslie Vernon; What a breath of fresh air to the Horror scene. This is a well-written movie. I did not see it coming at the end and yet I loved it. If you have not seen this movie you really owe it to yourself to give it a look.
  • 2. Bubba Ho-Tep; I drove an hour just to see this movie and I'm glad I did. You know you have seen it and if it is not part of your top 10 list then shame on you!
  • 1. Shaun Of the Dead; Need I say More.
So there you go love it or leave it! Happy New Year here is the next 10 years of crapping remakes and Saw Movies that suck!


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