Boy my butt Hurts, CockHammer!

Rated MA 18+
Release Date 2009
Run Time 81 minutes
Starring The Hack Movie Gang
Kevin Strange
Joe Hammerstone
Erik Williams
Thaddeus Starbuckle
Amiee Donahue
Katie Dearest
Director: Kevin Strange
DVD Special Features include -Director Commentary -Cast Commentary -"Behind the cock" Vignettes -Bloopers! -and much more!

The Story: "CockHammer is the story of Terrence and Perander, two pill-popping swinger losers who's girlfriends are mysteriously kidnapped by CockHammer, a snuff porn kingpin, and occult sorcerer bent on unlocking the secrets of the dreaded black mage diary! Will Terrence and Perander figure out his heinous intentions and rescue their bitches in time to get their assholes fucked, or will the girls become the latest victims in CockHammer's elaborate plot to become a demigod?!

Where Did I find This: Flash Back Weekend vendor table. Me " so which one should I buy" Kevin" well here its (pointing to the movies on the table) (movie one:) no tits (movie two) a few tits (movie three) allot of tits!" Me "I'll take it" hands Hack Movies 10 bucks and walks away. Eric "I like his selling style"

I heard of Hack Movies out of a small town down south in Illinois through MySpace. I had the joy of meeting them for the first time at fango con in 2008. They gave me a demo disk, that cracked me up. This was right up my alley I love nothing more than cheesy no budget movies. So when I ran into them at FlashBack I knew I was going home with one cheese filled DVD.

What can I say other then they delivered! This was a well thought out movie not just gibberish tossed in a blender and spewed out onto a DVD. The make-up for a low budget was spot on. The actors did a fine job as well. Now the Boobs, they are there this is true and I guess this is a good thing because all good horror flicks have naked horror chicks. They may not be hot but they are boobs after all.
Now I must say this movie is not for everybody hell it is not for many people at all. I have never heard of a male and female lower extremity's listed in so many ways. And how many names can one group come up with for your backside? But that is part of this beauty the gift for gab. In a way, I felt like I was watching a very dirty Kevin Smith movie. I love talky movies and this one was not bad in the sense. You can tell that this group of friends does not have much to do in Southern Illinois other than smoke pot drink beer and make great low budget horror flicks. They have a great passion for what they are doing and are putting everything they have into their movies.
This movie was picked up by a small distributor Tempo Video allowing the world the chance to pick this up on major websites.This is one of those movies I would have brought into Suncoast Video to sell.
I look forward to the next video from these guys. They have those great flicks to sit in the man cave with a few bud's some beer and chips and a great time. Now I need to go listen to Hanna Monta to get their website promo song out of my head. Rock on Hack Movies Rock on!

Trailer Link
4 out 5 Bloody Brains


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