Zombies please stay in New Zealand

The Last Of The Living

Run Time (to Long) 85 minutes

Logan McMillan

Morgan Williams
Ashleigh Southam
Robert Faith
Emily Paddon-Brown
Mark Hadlow

As the rest of humankind succumbs to a virus that turns them into flesh-eating zombies, three pals (Morgan Williams, Robert Faith and Ashleigh Southam) not only survive but thrive -- enjoying the easy pickings of a deserted landscape. All of that changes, however, when they meet a pretty girl. Now, the guys' inner heroes get a chance to emerge in this zombie comedy from New Zealand as they help the lovely young scientist in her race to find a cure.

OK, Zombie comedy's are hit and miss and this was a huge miss. When I saw the preview I got a little excited. 20 minutes into this thing
I had yet to laugh giggle or care really. This is awful the High Tension awful. I can not even tell you how it ends I could not finish it sorry. If you watch it and I'm wrong please let me know.

The last of the living cover art gets 5 bloody brains as for the movie:

                                                               .5 oz of a bloody brain


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