Keep your bongs packed, this is going to be one crazy trip!

Evil Bong 666
2017 | Color | 65 Min | Comedy Horror | R | Full Moon Empire

Directed by: Charles Band

Writer: Charles Band

Mindy Robinson
Diana Prince
Tonya Kay
Robin Sydney

When a blood sacrifice opens a portal to Hell, Ebee is returned to Earth where Lucy Furr, the new proprietor of her weed shop, has some sinister plans of her own. Before Ebee's dreams of world domination can be satisfied she will need to employ the help of Rabbit and The Gingerdead Man. Channeling their inner Dr. Frankenstein, Ebee and Rabbit create The Gingerweed Man: a tiny, patchwork monster made from the greatest strains of weed on earth. This animated edible is ready to join the fight in Sexy Hell!

My favorite evil bitch is back for the seventh time and this time she will drag us to Sexy Hell. Or what Charles Band thinks sexy hell looks like anyway. So does the latest tale of an evil bong hell-bent on world domination hold up? Read on my followers read on...

This time around Mindy Robinson returns as her twin sister Lucy Furr as she takes over Ebee's from Rabbit and a well missed Larnell. Yep, my favorite actor from the series John Patrick Jordan seems to have moved on to more exciting adventures and that is too bad he was missed. Maybe that is just this fanboy talking but I would rather have seen that extra money they raised used to pay him more dough and bring him back. During the indigo campaign, they raised extra money to bring more special effects to the small screen. Yet I'm not sure what those were as this movie looked just as good as the past few. The movie looks good and well polished for such a small budget. 

Not much new in the storyline this time around Lucy Furr dabbles in black magic opens a vulva looking portal to hell Ebee comes back and wants to rule the world. So really nothing new and I really did not mind. The one thing that I did mind was cramming too many old charters into one flick! And by that I mean did Robin Sydney really have to play all 3 charters from the past few movies. I think she was supposed to have amnesia all tho that was never really said. I would love to just see her play the role of Sarah from Gingerdeadman and not the annoying Batty Boop or Luanne from the first Bong movie. But to have all three drove me crazy!

Ok, let's talk Sexy Hell, like what the hell and I am not going to lie Band has been going back to his Erotic style movies lately and I thought for sure we were headed to soft core porn hell! *Spoiler Alert* thank god that is not the way this went down. But it was still over the top silly. It was a good idea just too much build up for a green screen background that makes no sense at all. And this is where we get the big battle between newcomer Gingerweedman vs Satan. The way Gingerweed was brought to life was fun and the big battle was clever as far as Gingerweedman goes not sure he was what I was expecting yet enjoyable.

I'm defiantly looking forward to more of this new guy with his mellow ways compared to his evil counterpart Gingerdead man.  No lie I will buy the statue and other merch that you know is coming. 

If you're already a fan of the series you have already sat through this movie and enjoyed it if you're new to the bong world you need to watch the first two before skipping to this last one. Sure this movie has its problems and goofing plot holes but it looks good sounds good and has a very good looking cast so you can not go wrong. Of course, I'm already looking forward to 4/20/2018! 

So grab that wicked weed and fire up...Full Moon Streaming and catch up on Evil Bong 666 this fan gives it a solid...

3 Bloody Brains out of 5

and watch for...


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