Ravenwolf Towers Bonds of Blood

Ravenwolf Towers: Bonds of Blood
2017 | Color | 33 Min | Sci-Fi Horror | R | Full Moon Empire

Directed by: Charles Band

Written By: Charles Band

Shiloh Creveling
Michael Citriniti
Rosemary Brownlow

EPISODE 2: BONDS OF BLOOD: As the youthful Assistant Manager Jake falls more deeply in love with lovely Mary, the "damsel in distress" is revealed to be the ageless Matriarch of all things deadly, depraved and diabolical in the Ravenwolf Towers. As Mary and her fiendish clan work toward some secretive and bloody Grand Design, Jake, with the help of the mysterious Supernatural Investigator Ivan Ivanov, starts to uncover the nightmarish truth behind the Ravenwolf's history of horror.

In Part two of this seven-part series, Charles Band takes you deeper into his haunted hotel. This time around are main lead's fall just a little further down the rabbit hole with a hint of romance? Well, that's what they want you to think anyway. 

Episode two is such an important stepping stone for me I will either continue to watch the series or simply say eh that was fun but I will pass. I would have to strongly say episode two kept me interested from the color's that pop out at you and the great soundtrack and to the visual style that Band has really owned up to. 

We learned a little bit more about our Vampire Hunter in this episode as he bring's are janitor heroin more into the mystery that surrounds the towers. As he gives us niblets of the story and just enough to keep you guessing. I did have one small problem with Shiloh Creveling (Mary Le Vella) in this episode. She has a very dramatic role that came off like she was on stage in a theater production. She seemed to be forcing her character at times. For me, it was kind of hard to watch but it does not ruin the mood at all. She is young and should break out into more roles someday soon.

I will give her credit she is very pretty and can fake an orgasm like no one else. Either that or there was more going on on set that we need to know. And in true Band style not only do we get one baby-making scene we get a second yep that's right we get 3 set's of boob's this time around. Yes, I said three we are introduced to two new lovers on a getaway and of course with the new direction that Full Moon seems to be going they are both females. Again not my favorite soft-core porn style call me odd but it is what it is. 

With all the crazy twist's and turns episode two is very strong and leaves you wanting to jump into the third one! Ravenwolf Towers is not going to be for everybody but for those of us Full Moon fans this is a fun little treat and a very fast 30 minutes. 

So you better do what Momma says and fire up Amazon Prime or Full Moon on your Roku and check into Ravenwolf Towers before you are not allowed to check out!

4 Bloody Brains

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