The Weremacht are coming! The Weremacht are coming

This week Full Moon Horror announced some really kick ass news. First up the 4th new puppet was revealed. Name Weremacht the finial character to be released to the fans. This guy really rocks I can not wait to see him in action. Puppet Master X: Axis Rising is set to begin shooting this summer. Fans are really looking forward to the next installment of Charles Bands wildly popular Puppet Master series. If you need to get caught up  Full Moon Horror is running a sale of  all 9 films for $55 and a free gift as well.

Also this week the Band camp dropped a bomb on his fans letting them know that Andres Hove would be at Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill,Nj. Hove's is known in the Full Moon world as Radu from Subspecies 1-4. And in the 90's he was  Cesar Faison (1990-1992, 1999-2000) on General Hospital. Hove's has not done a convention in over 15 years along with signing autographs he will be participating in a live Q and A. Uncle Charley please bring Mr. Hove's to Flashback Weekend in Chicago this summer!

Also in Subspecies news Horror Hound magazine last month listed Subspecies #4 as 25 vampire movie's you must tell your friends about. Quoting the mag "the original picture cemented Radu as one of the baddest vamps around"

Have a good weekend and if your in New Jersey stop by Monster Mania I know I would!


  1. Seeing that little Nazi Werewolf reminds of a recent episode of Grimm. Have you been watching that show? The scene I'm thinking of actually involves Hitler and a wolf-like creature. Pretty crazy stuff!

    1. No I have not seen Grimm yet but I keep hearing that I'm missing out! I'll have to give it a shot! Thanks


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