Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!

Not much in the way of pickups this week but with Halloween approaching fast you can sure bet on some cool post's in the future. In fact, I only stopped at one thrift shop last week just to take a quick peek and found a few cool things.

So I picked up King Kong Vs Godzilla for the collection. It's such a classic and for me one of the best Godzilla movies around. Only paid a dollar and its value is a shocking $5.55. Next up a cute looking Halloween Special Lumpkin the Pumpkin. Looks like a cute little Halloween show that only runs 25 minutes. The plot seems to be a Halloween Contest is on among the spooky witches and Jack-O-Lanterns to see who can frighten the children the most. But Tara the Good Witch (of course there has to be a good witch) and Lumpkin don't want to be scary or play tricks. They show the girls and boys how to stay safe too. Looks like it was published in 1991 and has never made it to DVD. I paid 20 cents for this and the value on it is not too bad for a rare kid show at $4.76.

Next up was a Grim Grinning Ghosts that sings that line from the song. I was pretty excited about this I have never seen them before. So I had to do some digging many to see what I was missing and had to hunt for. Good news, I have found the only one in the set *phew*. This was from the Eddie Murphy flop Haunted Mansion. The rest of the Happy Meal Toys are really not needed thankfully. Here is a picture of the rest of them.

So I think I'm good no real need to find the others. This beauty is already in the cave on the TV stand. Yeah, I will put him away for Halloween and only plan on bringing him out once every year. So that's it for this week let the Halloween hunting begin!


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