Kings Of Cult

Kings Of Cult
2015 | Color | 52 Minutes | 1.85:1 | UR | Documentary | Stereo | Full Moon Horror


Cast: Roger Corman , Charles Band

Monsters, Maidens and Mad Puppets.
Roger Corman, the King of cult cinema.
Charlie Band, the Prince of the B-movie.
Join veteran genre filmmakers Roger Corman and Charles Band as they take you through their long and storied careers working on such films as Eat My Dust, Puppetmaster, Sharktopus, Re-Animator, and many more. This truly unique look at exploitation cinema from the perspective two of its top contributors is a must-see for anyone looking to go a little deeper into the movies they love.

Two mavericks of independent genre film-making sit down for an intimate discussion about their amazing and diverse bodies of work, their fans, the hundreds of legendary performers and artists whose talents they've nurtured and the future of the industry they've both dedicated their lives to. From SHARKTOPUS, to PUPPETMASTER, to RE-ANIMATOR to DEATH RACE 2000 to GINGERDEAD MAN to HOUSE OF USHER and beyond; this is the ultimate master-class in making strange cinema that matters!

There is really not much to say here other then if you are a big fan of these guys you are bound to be slightly disappointed. You do not really get too much new or will learn anything you probably did not know already but never the less its still a good visit.

I did enjoy them talking about the '80s and the VHS boom and how life for both of them was at an all time high. And how the crash has affected them greatly I found that interesting.  

I was wishing for more insight and maybe a few clips of some of their movies. All this was, was a 52-minute interview.  Was not what I was expecting from two giants in the industry. 

Never the less it's an easy watch and you just might take away something you may not have known. 

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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