Oh my Darling Oh My Darling Oh My Darling Clementine

Not sure how I stumble on to this little gem but I sure loved Huckleberry Hound when I was a kid. And of course, the collection before me has the classic's Postman Panic and Barbeque hound. What a treat to sit back and watch this on VHS. The tape has held up great no drop outs or tracking issues to be had. I do beleave a few of these have made their way to DVD. The other two episodes are Hokum Smokum you know the one with the little Indian. Still made me laugh watching!

Put out in 1987 from Kids Klassics and WorldVision has a run time of 28 minutes.

Now if I can find the one with Jekyll and Hyde I will be a happy camper.

This tape as a value of $17.93 right now so rock on!


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