William Castle warns you that your dreams can make you a ...

The Night Walker
1964 | B&W | 86 Minutes | 1.85:1 | UR | Horror | Mono | William Castle Productions

Source: Svengoolie

Director: William Castle

Writer: Robert Bloch

Robert Taylor
Barbara Stanwyck
Judi Meredith

A wealthy woman is terrorized by recurring dreams regarding her jealous, blind husband who supposedly burned to death in a recent fire. She tries to convince her attorney that the nightmares are real.

So is the final big screen film for Barbara Stanwyck before she became a small screen star worth any hype? Hmm, we will have to see....

Barbara Stanwyck

So this movie has three things going for it right out of the gate. My favorite horror host was showing something new to me and it was a William Castle movie! If you are a fan of low budget B movies then you know all about the genius that is Castle already. And third being a fan of westerns on TV I already knew how cool Barbara Stanwyck can be. The plot of the movie is pretty cool her blind husband (Hayden Rorke of I Dream of Jeanine fame) thinks his wife (Stanwyck) is cheating on her right in from of him! When there is a big explosion at the lab her husband is dead but still plaguing her dreams. So  the plot is really good but very week to seasoned movie fans who will figure this plot out within the first act. But that is ok because at some point you will start to doubt your predictions with its many plot twist's and turns. Even with the slow burn that Night Walker is I was right by the end. 

Soundtrack wise the main theme by Vic Mizzy is very cool and helps set a tone of lite and fluffy when in reality this movie is pretty dark. But then at times the soundtrack pulled me out of the movie. It started to sound a little Sci-Fi to me. Like I was hearing Star Trek themes in some of the more bizarre dream sequences. The acting was perfect in fact I can not wait to see some of Judi Meredith's other body of work. She did a few westerns as well and had a lead role in Queen of Blood. She was just stunning to me.

So in the end I found Night Walker to be very entertaining and fun to see Castle do something other than Horror. But like Stright Jacket this one left me wanting something more. Maybe I like the gimmick stuff better. I would still say catch it if it's on tv or a rerun of Sven it's not bad just not the Tingler.

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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