Count Down To Halloween 2015

Ok I think I have my theme's for the Count Down To Halloween 2015. This year I have decided to make my blog post's more about family and friends. Sharing a few memories along the way and posting about a few of the things I love about the season. So here we go...


The girls and I had fun with this last year and plan on doing it again. Some of the things we plan on doing would be watching a few old VHS specials that we have picked up this year and we may throw in some other goodies as well.


Music Mondays has been a staple for my blog so I plan on keeping up with it this year. This year I will make it a little more personal.


Halloween leftovers should be fun this will be the day that we talk about all the extra things we do or have found over time during the Halloween season.


Ok, so this is the day that I would like to share a more personal approach to why Halloween is my favorite season. Some of the treats I have in mind old photo's from my childhood as well as my girls. Maybe a look into the actual Man Cave. We will see I promise only treats no trick.


This will be like a throwback Thursday kind of day. Laid back fun and games old articles and advertising.


Sure, would not be Halloween if I did not clear off some of my must-see movies of the season. I have a huge list of what I would like to see this year get them off my bucket list and this is one way to make that happen. No, I don't write the greatest reviews but I do my best to get the point across. I have five Friday's this year to squeeze in The Tenant, The Woods,  Possession, Intruder, and Hideous! Now these might change as my mood changes but those are my hope to watch these Halloween movies. I also want to squeeze in The Screaming Skull so you will have to stop by and see.


You know I can not forget my favorite Goolie. Ever since my first Count Down To Halloween I have posted what to watch on Svengooli that night so it should be no shock that I will keep doing it this year. What is great about all of this would be that he is seen in more places than ever before. Check to see if you have Me-Tv of the U and stop by on Saturday to chat all things, Sven.


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