My Latest Pick Up's

Not much in the way of pickups lately but I had to share the VHS tape that I did pick up! Those of you that stop by from time to time know I love my Full Moon Horror. I have been trying to find anything I could on VHS but due to their popularity they are extremely hard to find here in the sticks.  So when I stumbled onto Puppet Master 4 on VHS my eyes grow large! I could not pick it up fast enough!

The case is a bit of a mess, but the tape looks good and plays just fine. The only other thing is that it is a promotional copy. But I'm  OK with that it's not like I'm going to watch the VHS tape too often the Blu-Ray is coming out soon. Just nice to have it on the shelf.

It was kind of odd to see trailers on here for a family show and a kid show from Paramount pictures long before Charles Band started to distribute once again. And yes I did watch it even with the watermark popping in and out every seven to ten minutes I still enjoyed it. It also has the Video Zone Magazine at the end which I did not have on the DVD copy so the was a treat. Plus at .25 cents you just can not go wrong.

Last, pick up was this cool vintage witch cut out. I just could not pass her up.


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