It's About To Get Buck Wild!

Buck Wild
2014 | Color | 1 Hr 36 Min | Horror | R | Conation

Director: Tyler Glodt

Matthew Albrecht,
Tyler Glodt

Matthew Albrecht
Phillip Albrecht
Whit Albrecht

The comrades Craig Thompson, Jerry, Lance and Tom Alexander travel to the Buck Wild Farm in Texas to spend vacation hunting deer. Soon they discover that the owner Clyde was bitten by a Chupacabra and has infected his daughter Candy and neighbors that now are zombies. Will they survive?

Sometimes you just have to crack open that Blu-Ray case to a silly low budget movie and hope for the best. Buck wild is one of those buddy movies that never really finds its feet but the charm keeps you interested.

One of the strengths for Buck Wild is the cast. They work well together coming off the screen as a couple of buddies that have been together for a long time. And all though this is a Zombie movie they took the approach of a love letter to the genre. Nothing new to see but nothing to skip either. This movie pulls off some of the silliest moments in a zombie film. I really loved the Scream Queen act through men! What I mean by that is the guys are such babies at times screaming like little girls seeing a mouse cracked me up every time.

When  the boys go out for some hunting, Craig accidentally shoots the hillbilly, thinking that it’s a deer. Naturally, he starts to freak out like a little girl meeting Harry Stiles, but upon approaching ‘the body’, it’s clear that things are not quite right. Indeed, what lies before them is a zombie – and he’s not the only one! The characters are complete parodies of all those buddy flicks like American Pie, but I actually found that amusing to watch because nothing about this movie is supposed to be taken too seriously. The balance between the two types of genre mixes well.

Look if you are coming home from a long day of work and you're looking for something to unwind to than Buck Wild stands a chance. It's low budget it's very silly and it just hits the spot. So crack open a cold Milwaukee's Best nuke up a frozen Salisbury steak put your feet up and relax to Buck Wild!

3 Bloody Brains

Ok so sometimes I have a hard time expressing my thoughts today was one of them.


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