Virgin Hunters 2 Coming this October

Virgin Hunters 2
2016 | Color | Run Time TBD | Sci-Fi | R | Fun Moon 

Charles Band slipped one by us this last week. Not so sure anybody knew he was working on a new flick. Coming October 7th the sequel to what many Full Moon Fans call a mega-hit Virgin Hunters. The original sci-fi sex romp came out in 1994 featuring none other than Morgan Fairchild.

Unsatisfied by her LEX 500 sex robot, Mega-Conglomerate overlord and Supreme Commander of the World Alliance, Camella Swales, has banned all forms of sex. The future is a serene and productive place, but no one is getting it on! The government has laced the food with passion suppressants, and the world is full of virgins.

Enter the ALTERRIANS: an erotic race of virgin hunting, sexual predators. They've come to Earth with one thing on their minds, and they won't let a worldwide ban on sex stop them from enjoying their vacation. Teaming up with BETH, their human companion, and nymph in training, the VIRGIN HUNTERS set out on an orgasmic mission of galactic proportions. Will they overcome the tepid masses and teach humanity to lust again?

As a fan, I just hope this does not push back Ravenwolf Towers serial that was to launch in October for Halloween. That looks way more entertaining than this. Stay tuned more info should start to come out soon. 


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