They came. They saw. They scored.

Virgin Hunters
1994 | Color | 1 Hour 14 Minutes | Sci-Fi, Comedy | R | Fun Moon

David DeCoteau

Kenneth J. Hall

Morgan Fairchild
Ian Abercrombie
Brian Bremer

In the future, corporations have taken over the world and banned sex. A group of rebellious high school students devises a way to go back in time to the present day and try change history to prevent that from happening.

Back in the hey-day when Full Moon teamed up with Paramount Pictures we were entertained with some of Charles Bands best work. So when the Torchlight Entertainment label came about, specializing in soft-core pornographic sci-fi comedies we where treated to Beach Babes From Beyond and Shandra: The Jungle Girl. So how did we got here today? Well, after I read that Full Moon was doing a sequel to this movie I decided to check it out. Was it worth it? Well, read on my fellow readers read on....

Full Moon's workhorse David DeCoteau (Creepazoid, Puppet Master 3) weaves a silly story into a very entertaining movie. He brings his cast to life lead by superstars Morgan Fairchild and Ian Abercrombie. But the meat of the cast (Ha yeah Meat) would be Vin (Christopher Wolf) and Naldo (Brian Bremer) who land in an all girls school and have no clue what sex is. This leads to some fun banter between the two. They really work well together delivering cheesy lines while running around dressed like girls. 

The set pieces are fine you get the sense of being at an all girl boarding school along with the school of the future. The time machine they used was cool I will tip my hat to that one. The rest of the cast of girls are of course very easy on the eyes and they try to drive this movie in the direction of Porky's or Revenge of the Nerds. We do get one steaming lovemaking sense that is almost up to par with Cinemax Late Night. 

This flick is heavy on the spoof type of comedy as a Lex 500 cyborg is sent back to stop them. Of course, this said Cyborg is 100% ripping on Terminator even uttering the classic line "I'll be back"! Thankfully the tongue and cheek humor make this a little less annoying and more on the side of funny. Normally that kind of crap would drive me nuts.

Lex 900
Ha! more meat.

Now, of course, we get some really silly things like the god awful blue jumpsuits that we will be wearing in a sexless feature. But I get it the Fantastic 4 look is meant to be non-sexy. Also not much of a soundtrack but that was ok you only notice when they hit a club and do a strange break dance before fighting Lex.  The only other odd thing was the use of scenes from Dollman.

Look this movie is not pure gold but it does its job by entertaining us. I really enjoyed its silly story bad jokes and good looking cast. The story flow's along the cast works great together and the special effects are held to a minimal. Making Virgin Hunters a fun watch and in a way, I can not wait for the sequel. That is if they keep it fun and loose like this one. 

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


  1. The title itself makes it worth checking out... Any title with "Virgin" in in it gets my attention. (as long as it doesn't turn out to have something to do with Richard Branson, that is...


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