Thrift Store Finds

I have not done a pick-ups post in a while even though I have been picking things up all summer. In many ways I have slowed way down on the movies and find myself focusing on video games.

First up were these long boxes by MGM for Westworld And The Treasure Seekers by Cannon. Treasure Seekers is sealed but yet I want to watch it so not sure what I'm going to do with it at this time. The big score here is the Muppet Show VHS I'm pretty sure these are the Halloween Specials as the 3 shows on the tape star Alice Cooper, Vincent Price, and Marty Feldman. I really can not wait to watch this I'm sure you will see a review on it a little closer to October.

Now I have owned this once before and flipped it pretty quick so when another copy finds it's way into my basket at only a buck it just needed a happy home. Not one of Elvira's better movies but still something fun to kill time this fall.

SSX Tricky was by far the most played PS2 tiled I owned and still play today. So why not pick up a copy for the XBOX just to compare. I may never play NFL Fever but it was twenty-five cents so hey way not it becomes my kid's problem when I pass on.

Rock Band was a quarter as well and Sponge Bob well a dollar, so Ella and I plan on doing a video for that one. I did drag my girls to a flea market last week sadly we only picked up Future Tactics. No clue what it is but looks fun.


  1. Have you heard that WestWorld is being remade as a TV series? From any trailers I've seen so far, it looks good.

  2. Westworld is great. Furureworld, the sequel, not so much.


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